AEROFIT™ Ultra-Soft Aerosol Mask

AEROFIT™ Ultra-Soft Aerosol Mask

ULTRA-SOFT as light as feather enhances patient comfort.

Part Number:

  1. OM-82510  AEROFIT™ Ultra-Soft Aerosol Mask – Pediatric
  2. OM-82520  AEROFIT™ Ultra-Soft Aerosol Mask – Adult


  • Anatomical wrap around chin fits a wider range of face shapes.
  • Eco-friendly material provides a comfortable seal to the patient’s face.
  • Clear dome for excellent visibility plus anti-slip design for easy holding.
  • Well-structured to connect nebulizer application for Aerosol therapy.
  • Anti-Slip Design for easy-holding.
  • Super Soft Face Seals increased patient comfort.
  • Elastic Position flexible for the user either over or under the ears.
  • Wrap Chin provides a better fit on a wider range of patient face.
  • Eco-friendly NON-PVC phthalate free mask.
  • Available for Adult, Pediatric.
  • Cartoon motif good for Pediatric.


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OM-82510 50 PCS/CASE
OM-82520 50 PCS/CASE