Anesthesia Mask

Anesthesia Mask

Part Number

ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask Without Hook

  1. CM-65800 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 0 Neonatal w/o hook
  2. CM-65810 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 1 Infant w/o hook
  3. CM-65820 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 2 Pediatric w/o hook
  4. CM-65830 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 3 Small Adult  w/o hook
  5. CM-65840 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 4 Medium Adult  w/o hook
  6. CM-65850 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask ​SIZE 5 Large Adult w/o hook

ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask With Hook

  1. CM-65805 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 0 Neonatal w hook
  2. CM-65815 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 1 Infant w hook
  3. CM-65825 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 2 Pediatric w hook
  4. CM-65835 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 3 Small Adult  w hook
  5. CM-65845 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 4 Medium Adult  w hook
  6. CM-65855 ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask SIZE 5 Large Adult w hook


  1. 7cm-65017-000NA  Hook ID: 22mm
  2. 7cm-65001-000NA  Hook ID: 15mm


  • Eco-friendly non-PVC phthalate free mask
  • Anti-slip design for easy-holding
  • Anatomical shape with soft touch provides precise fit and comfort
  • Clear dome for excellent visibility
  • Specific color differentiates size identity


  • OD 15mm: Size #0, #1
  • ID 22mm: Size #2, #3, #4, #5

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ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask Without Hook

CM-65800 50Pcs/Case
CM-65810 50Pcs/Case
CM-65820 50Pcs/Case
CM-65830 50Pcs/Case
CM-65840 50Pcs/Case
CM-65850 50Pcs/Case

ULTRA-SMT Anesthesia Mask With Hook

CM-65805 50Pcs/Case
CM-65815 50Pcs/Case
CM-65825 50Pcs/Case
CM-65835 50Pcs/Case
CM-65845 50Pcs/Case
CM-65855 50Pcs/Case