Blood Collection Tube – No Additive

Blood Collection Tube

No Additive

For Serum Determination, Immunology Test.

Main Clinical Application
1. Biochemical determination:
*Liver Function
*Kidney Function
*Blood Fat
*Blood Glucose and Electrolyte

2. Immune determination:
*A, B, and C markers
*Tumor Marker
*Myocardial Enzymes
*TOCHI Antibody
*Autoimmune Antibody
*HIV Antibody
*Syphillis Antibody
*Tuberculosis Antibody
*Serological Diagnosis of other pathogens.

Additional information

Nominal Capacity

2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml, 6ml, 7ml, 8ml, 9ml, 10ml

Sizes Available

12*75, 12*100, 15*100, 13*75, 13*100, 16*100


Glass or PET

Glass Shelf Life

24 months

PET Shelf Life

12 months