Emergency Blanket – SKB2D201(2)

Emergency Blanket – SKB2D201(2)

Product Features:

  • Survival Thermal Wrap;
  • Helps prevent heat loss/limits solar exposure when properly used;
  • Up to 90% effective reflection of radiant energy including body heat
  • Folding to fit glovebox, emergency kit or purse, this safety blanket prepares you for unexpected cold or emergency shock situations. A must for any auto, the twin-size blanket is crafted of lightweight aluminized fabric which reflects up to 80% of body heat.

Function and Application:

  • Emergency blanket can be used to cover the body, preventing body temperature from sharp declining after accidents;
  • The vehicle broke down in cold areas or at night, can keep the body warm;
  • Emergency blanket can be used as reflective film, send a signal to rescuers;
  • Emergency blanket used as a poncho in the rain;
  • Put in the sleeping bags, better insulation.

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