A closed urine drainage system

CYSTOBAG® TK 4000 with a capacity of 4 liters has been developed especially for the requirements in the stationary sector. We have attached great importance to the construction of the drip chamber to ensure unhindered drainage of the urine in case of possible residual tissue or blood clots.

  • needleless puncture spot for urine specimen
  • tube clamp
  • clamp for tube fixation
  • two-part drip chamber with recoil blockage
  • air-filter on drip chamber and bag
  • twin holder with fixing cord for all-purpose use
  • clearly graduated
  • T-tap-port
  • T-tap-outlet, one-handed use without contamination
  • tap with a wide lumen for fast emptying
REF Volume
4810 4000 ml


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