TK 2000


Closed Urine Drainage System

CYSTOBAG® urine drainage systems are based on the actual needs of the users in practice – go and find out for yourself!

  • with gloves free of latex
  • needleless puncture spot for urine specimen
  • tube clamp
  • clamp for tube fixation
  • two-part drip chamber with recoil blockage
  • air-filter on drip chamber and bag
  • twin holder with fixing cord for all-purpose use
  • clearly graduated
  • T-tap-port
  • T-tap-outlet, one-handed use without contamination
  • tap with a wide lumen for fast emptying
  • extremely short bag, 29 cm
  • label for patient data
REF PZN Volume
4802.00 00051871 2000 ml


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